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My name is Elena Dolgova (Albicocca). I’m an illustrator, artist and designer. I've been drawing illustrations for advertising and magazines for over twelve years. Besides that, some of my private works are preserved in private collections and state-owned galleries in Russia, Europe and the USA. I speak Russian, German and English. I'm currently living in Vienna, Austria. You can see my portfolio Portfolio, follow me at Behance, visit my shop or read my russian livejournal. if you want to know more about me or have any interesting project, do not hesitate to contact me.

воскресенье, 28 августа 2011 г.

One more reason why I love Vienna

I'm second year in Vienna.  And one more reason why I love this city so much are people, who care about the place, where they live. I will update my collections of neighbours, today is part 1. I live in thirteen district, it is very reach and green. I would not like to tell about reach houses with chic pools, artistic houses of simple people are more attractive for me. Unfortunetly, I don't know exactly whose are those places, but I'm thanksful to these people for my everyday good mood.
I think here lives somebody, who loves an art of  tailoring. This fence is made of  old sewing machine's tables (sorry, I don't know how it is called) 

My retired neigbour works every day in his beautiful garden.

It looks  like a house of  witch, but here lives a big family. The house is very long and hidden in a garden.

 I love this building because of window's faces. Each of them has a different emotional expression and i find always one, that makes a virtual dialog with me.

Guten Morgen! It's me and a view from my window

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