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My name is Elena Dolgova (Albicocca). I’m an illustrator, artist and designer. I've been drawing illustrations for advertising and magazines for over twelve years. Besides that, some of my private works are preserved in private collections and state-owned galleries in Russia, Europe and the USA. I speak Russian, German and English. I'm currently living in Vienna, Austria. You can see my portfolio Portfolio, follow me at Behance, visit my shop or read my russian livejournal. if you want to know more about me or have any interesting project, do not hesitate to contact me.

пятница, 3 августа 2012 г.

My wedding. Part1 - Decoration

We planned our Day for one year and despite this fact it was not enough time! It was a hard work to plan everything and to make all designs and decorations. I did it mostly myself, so I'm proud to show these pictures in my portfolio. Big thanks to Steven Lin and Stefan Diesner for fotos. And I had a super florist Romana, she made it even more beautiful, then I drew in my project.Enjoy!


I bought packages at for a guest's favours and decorated it with ribbon, flowers and our logo.

My husbend helped me with a Box for cards and Money. He made it from a Birdhouse and I painted it in our colors.

I had no time to make a ring pillow by myself, so I bought it at Etsy too. It is made in our colors and a Flower on top is similar to a Peony at our Invitation.

My client's doughter played a role of Blümenmädchen 8) Cones made of pastels paper and tracing paper.

I couldn't find in shops vases in style i needed, but I found it at one site, where people sell used things. It costed almost nothing. All drapery I sewed by my self.


And I show you my gloves (Dress coming soon). I embodered with pearl beads standard Pronovias gloves.

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